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Shoulder Stability & Pain Relief


Strengthen your shoulders from the inside out and overcome chronic neck pain through targeted exercises designed to create stability, flexibility and strength.


Low Back Health and Pain Relief



Take control of your lower back pain and spine health with this comprehensive course that includes over 25 videos and 5 articles. You’ll learn as much anatomy as you want to learn and all kinds of exercises, stretches and self-massage protocols.


Partner Massage Course


Learn how to give your partner a massage that feels great and is easy on your body. No more sore thumbs and wondering if you’re doing it right. And no more wishing that your partner’s massage will end because it doesn’t feel good or hurts.

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Posture: How to Improve It and Prevent Injuries


This is your full guide to excellent posture and injury prevention. Includes 4 articles and over 20 videos that will teach you strength and mobility exercises, stretches and self-massage techniques. No more slouching. No more rounded shoulders. No more back pain.


Glute Muscle Activation and Strength


The key to foot, knee and back pain often resides in the Glute muscles. This course goes way beyond clamshells, bridges or side walks to teach you how to use your Glutes when performing daily tasks and your favorite exercises.

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Self-Massage / Trigger Point Release


Sore muscles? Limited time or dollars? Well then learn how to effectively and safely do it yourself. Become skilled at alleviating pain and stiffness from your calves to your hip flexors to your neck. Includes 13 videos and a comprehensive guide.