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What Our Clients Say


"Mark changed my life by using Active Release Therapy (ART) and training.  Two entrapped nerves after surgery left me with extreme pain in my foot, hamstring and groin...I could not wear pants! After two Active Release / Personal Training sessions with Mark I began to feel better.  Two weeks later I was training with him and could wear pants.  No doctor could help me after 5 years of pain....Mark did!"


"Mark is a miracle worker. I am a personal trainer myself and I practice martial arts regularly. This means I'm very hard on my body and suffer from above average wear and tear. Over the years, I've sustained some pretty serious injuries from sparring in martial arts. If I ever have any difficulties or injuries, Mark is my go-to guy for sports massage and Active Release. Mark's specialization in Active Release Technique (ART), his deep understanding of body mechanics and overall movement make him an expert in injury repair."


"As a Fitness Professional , I'm a huge skeptic when it comes to massage therapist and trainers. I've exhausted my options with medical massage and other treatments and practitioners but felt defeated to no avail. After meeting Mark, he put the trust back into health for me.  He was an active listener who goes way beyond the 'one size fits all' mentality and treated my individual injury with an outside approach.  He took his time and has the hands of a miracle worker. If you feel you've seen it all- trust me, Mark will be your last stop!!"


"I have had some chronic lower back problems and Mark has helped me manage and reduce my pain over the past two years with ART and massage therapy. My wife and I also began personal training sessions with him in a year ago to further help my low back and to help us prepare for a big hiking trip. The training has been fun and has significantly helped my low back issues. It wasn’t until I started doing the exercises he taught me that I really turned the corner with my lower back. The cardiovascular, balance and strength training program Mark had us on leading up to the hiking trip made a big difference on the trails! His expertise in both personal training and massage therapy are what make him great at what he does."


"Mark is a masterful healing professional. I've been a client of his for 12 years. In that time he continues to grow and add more methodologies to his treatments. For instance, Mark's knowledge of ART has been a great bonus to what was already a comprehensive, healing massage therapy experience. The ART techniques have targeted specific pain areas of joints and muscles and have greatly reduced my pain in shoulders and hips.  I highly recommend Mark to anyone dealing with chronic pain issues."


"As a serious athlete in demanding sports such as Boxing and Basketball, I have picked up numerous injuries in the past several years. I went to several other massage therapists as well as Chiropractors in hopes of a solution but none of them could "fix" me. After just one massage therapy session with Mark, I could feel the difference. Not only is Mark extremely good with his hands and was able to release all the tight muscles that compensated when I was injured, he was very attentive and had a strong resolve to identify and fix the problem the best way possible. Mark was also able to prescribe numerous workouts that would complement his hands-on work. In all Mark is thoughtful, patient and really listens to your concerns in hopes of finding the best solution possible! Highly recommended!"

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"I have been working with Mark for over 8 years and am completely hooked. I say working "with" Mark because that is precisely what he does.  As a professional dancer I am extremely picky about my bodywork. For the past 8 years Mark has helped keep me pain and injury-free and always put me back together again when necessary so I can continue dancing. I can walk into a session hobbling and leave skipping.  I cannot speak highly enough of him."


"Mark's understanding of the human body helps make him an incredible trainer and an excellent massage therapist.  In the six years I've worked with him, I've made significant progress in gaining strength and flexibility while remaining pain-free.  Mark truly cares and the results show it!"


"I went to see Mark for Active Release Technique after I'd gone to a lot of other alternative treatments for my neck pain. Over a three-month period, I had acupuncture, massage therapy and chiropractic and none of it held. My neck would feel better for a few days and then revert to pain, which kept me up at night and bothered me during my work day. After two sessions of ART, the gripping pain that I'd been experiencing for months appeared to be gone. I was cautiously optimistic because of my other experiences, but it's been about six months now and it hasn't returned. I went for a few additional sessions to follow-up because I love the work. Mark is easy to work with, masterful at his craft, really knowledgeable about the body and immediately responds to my feedback. I'd recommend his bodywork to anyone seeking pain relief that lasts!"


"I have been seeing Mark for Personal Training and some Active Release sessions for a few months now, and I cannot believe I did not book a Clinical Massage/ART session with him sooner. Mark really knows what he’s doing with every muscle and bone in your body. He focused on some pretty tense areas in my upper back that needed some work and I cannot explain how much better I felt after the session. It was a unique treatment unlike anything I’ve ever had before, stretching my neck, shoulders, back, in ways that he even let me know might be a little weird, but sometimes a little weird is exactly what the body needs to feel great. The hour session was absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend Mark to anyone who is in need of a Clinical Massage (and of course also personal trainer). Thank you Mark!!"


"Every time I see Mark I say that his hands are magic.  He's been my therapist for over 8 years. I find myself pain-free after a session with him. His knowledge of the human body is incredible and his ability to work on any problem area is second-to-none. Mark makes you feel at ease the moment you are in his presence and he takes the time to really discuss your problem areas with you.  He truly cares about the well-being of all of his clients."


"I have been going to ART providers for over 13 years and Mark is one of the best that I have worked with.  Mark uses a wonderful mix of massage and myofascial release to enhance the ART experience.  In addition to Mark’s knowledge, he is great to “work with”.  I really do feel that he is taking a personal interest into making sure my body is injury and pain free."


“Mark is a fantastic massage therapist and Active Release Technique specialist. As an acupuncturist I am very sensitive to a therapist's sense of touch and knowledge of the body. Mark has mastered the art of a medical massage and I am always confident he will 100% take care of any patient I refer his way."

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I reached out to Mark for some Active Release therapy when lingering pain from what I thought was a minor hip injury grew increasingly worrisome and began to seriously affect my ability to dance. From just a few sessions with Mark I felt a great deal of pain relief. He not only helped target and release tension that was contributing to the pain, but also gave me some extremely valuable exercises to aid in the healing process!


"Mark is the best massage therapist I've been to. I am constantly pushing myself physically and straining muscles. His ability to trace where my problems stem from, and then fix them, is impressive. My only problem now is that I no longer live in New York. So, I can no longer see him. Plus, other massage therapists pale in comparison."


"I have a lot of chronic injuries from years of sports and heavy resistance training. Mark is able to utilize his extensive knowledge of musculoskeletal anatomy in concert with his advanced training in multiple soft tissue modalities to make me feel and perform significantly better. He is an excellent ART provider and an overall good guy who sincerely cares about his clients. Top recommendation."

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