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Active Release / Medical Massage

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Active Release

Active Release

Active Release Techniques (ART) is a movement-based manual therapy designed to treat musculoskeletal pain and injuries. ART combines very specific hands-on treatments with client movement to break up scar tissue, separate adhesions within and between muscles, relieve nerve entrapments, increase circulation and restore muscle length and joint range of motion.

ART is one of our primary areas of expertise. Our therapists are uniquely positioned and skilled as massage therapists compared to other ART providers. Krystal is one of just a handful of massage therapists in NYC who specializes in ART.  Mark is one of just a few Licensed Massage Therapists in NYC who is full-body certified in ART who is also a personal trainer. As a medical and sports massage therapist, he and Krystal provide much longer ART treatments than most physical therapy and chiropractic ART providers do, and at comparable or lower rates. 

Our 16 years of experience in medical massage enables us to create a very unique and dynamic treatment experience that few others can offer. Active Release was a game changer when we began training in it back in 2013 and our treatment outcomes have exponentially improved ever since.

What You Can Expect

Active Release Technique is a combined effort on the part of the practitioner and the client. After a detailed intake and biomechanics assessment, Mark will examine the affected tissue in order to evaluate the mobility, tightness and texture of the affected muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves and fascia.
He will guide you through specific movements while simultaneously applying tension to the precise point of dysfunction. While the treatments can be uncomfortable, this is not always the case. ART is not your average, cookie cutter treatment and the results can be dramatic, quick and long-lasting.

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"Mark is a miracle worker. I am a personal trainer myself and I practice martial arts regularly. This means I'm very hard on my body and suffer from above average wear and tear. Mark's specialization in Active Release Technique (ART), his deep understanding of body mechanics and overall movement make him an expert in injury repair."


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