All clients must sign this policy agreement prior to or at the beginning of their first session. These policies will go into effect once an appointment is scheduled.

Existing clients must sign this updated Policy Agreement and also complete our Covid-19 Screening Questionnaire  if they haven't done so already.


Policy Agreement - Updated July 2020




  • Body Temperature: I agree to have my body temperature taken prior to each session using an infrared thermometer prior to entering the office. If I have a fever above 100F, I will not receive treatment and will not be permitted inside the facility.

  • Questionnaire: I agree to complete a Covid-19 screening questionnaire prior to each session.

  • Mask: I agree to wear a mask for the full duration of my session.

  • Wash/Sanitize Hands: I agree to wash my hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer upon my arrival.

  • Clothing: I agree to change my clothes prior to the beginning of each session and to place all previously worn clothing in a bag. One will be provided if necessary.





  • Cleaning/Sanitization: All equipment and surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned with highly effective but non-toxic disinfectant in between each session. All common areas will be kept clean and sanitized throughout the day.

  • Time Between Sessions: No less than 30 minutes will be allocated between sessions. This is to ensure thorough and proper sanitizing of all equipment and surfaces as well as room ventilation.

  • Limited Volume and Social Distancing: On Your Mark NYC LLC and their partners will stagger appointments and schedule therapists and clients in a way that limits the volume of people in the space at a time and to allow for easy and proper social distancing.

  • Masks and Gloves: On Your Mark Therapists / Trainers will wear a mask and gloves for the full duration of every session.

  • HEPA Purifiers: On Your Mark NYC LLC will have EPA-approved HEPA filter in any private treatment room in which a session is taking place and also in any common exercise equipment areas.

  • Wash/Sanitize Hands: On Your Mark Therapists / Trainers will wash hands with soap and water upon arrival at the office, immediately before and immediately after each session.

  • Clothing: On Your Mark Therapists / Trainers will change clothing upon arrival at the office. We will also change clothes in between each client.

  • Body Temperature: On Your Mark Therapists / Trainers will have their body temperature taken upon arrival at the office and will be sent home if there is a fever above 100F.



I am aware of the 24-hour cancellation policy and understand that I am responsible for full payment to On Your Mark NYC, LLC for cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to a session.

Exceptions include family emergencies and sickness. If I am genuinely sick, I will be allowed to cancel up to 4 hours prior to an appointment without being charged.

COVID-19: Due to the coronavirus, I understand that On Your Mark NYC LLC is now providing exemptions to its cancellation policy for cancellations made due to Covid-19.



I understand that all payments must be made in full prior to or at the end of each session. Acceptable methods of payment include check, cash, credit card and transfers. No refunds are permitted for single sessions or packages.



I agree that if I arrive to an appointment with a fever and/or a potentially contagious illness, I will not receive treatment and will be charged for the session in full. To avoid this, I will let On Your Mark NYC, LLC know if I am unwell as soon as I wake up on the day of my appointment. If my appointment is in the morning and I call first thing, I will not be charged. In addition, I will be granted free cancellation up to 4 hours prior to any afternoon appointments in the event of sickness. This is to protect the health and well-being of On Your Mark NYC, LLC employees and all of our clients. This policy will be implemented strictly.


COVID-19 Protocols: I agree to have my body temerautee taken prior to entering the office. If I have a fever above 100F, I will not receive treatment and will not be permitted inside the facility.



I understand that my health and other personal information obtained by On Your Mark NYC, LLC will not be distributed or disclosed in any form to anyone else without my consent.




I affirm that I have accurately provided all of the health information requested to the best of my ability and that I will notify On Your Mark NYC, LLC of important changes to my health status.


COVID-19: I agree to complete a brief Covid-19 screening questionnaire prior to each session.

COVID-19: I agree that I will inform On Your Mark NYC, LLC immediately if I become ill and/or test positive for Covid-19 within two weeks after my session. In addition, I understand that I will not be permitted to have a session for 28 days after a positive Covid-19 test and/or illness and that I must then also provide On Your Mark NYC, LLC with evidence of a negative Covid-19 test taken within 10 days of my next appointment.



I will NOT participate in any On Your Mark NYC, LLC workouts or treatments while under the influence of alcohol and illicit drugs. I will inform staff prior to the start of a session if I am taking muscle relaxants, pain medications or anti-inflammatory medications (OTC or prescription).



Please note that On Your Mark NYC, LLC does NOT accept tips. Thank you.




I agree to participate in personal training and massage therapy with On Your Mark NYC, LLC. I understand that in-session, post-workout and post-massage soreness are not uncommon. I also understand that there are no guarantees for treatment outcomes and that the time and number of sessions needed to achieve treatment and/or fitness outcomes vary significantly and depend on many factors, including one’s health, on one’s compliance with home exercises and self care, and on the nature of a particular injury or condition.


COVID-19: I am aware that On Your Mark NYC LLC is going to great lengths to ensure the health and safetly of me, all of their clients and staff in light of Covid-19. With that said, I am also aware that there is no guarantee that I will not be exposed to Covid-19 due to my participation in On Your Mark NYC LLC sessions. I hereby release On Your Mark NYC LLC and its employees of any liability related to Covid-19 infection that I may incur from participation in my session and presence in the facility.


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