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Injury Therapy

Post Injury Rehabilitation


Arm & Shoulder Pain

Arm and shoulder pain can be devastating, especially if your work involves using a computer or mouse. We can help with relieving chronic aches and pain.


Hand, Wrist & Forearm

Whether injured from sports or long office hours, these injuries are quite common. Our specialists are highly experienced at improving movement and relieving pain.


Neck & Back Pain

Back and neck pain are among the most common type of body pain. We get to the root cause of your pain to bring you long term relief in addition to future prevention.


Knee Injury

Causes for knee injuries and conditions are numerous, but are staff is adept at treating them to relieve pain, improve performance, and prevent future injuries.


Hip Injuries

Hip pain from injury, overuse, and arthritis too often go untreated leading to more complications in the future. We can help with hip pain and post rehabilitation therapy.


Leg, Ankle & Foot

It’s hard to stay moving when your legs, feet, or ankles hurt. Let our experienced therapists help you get moving again and prevent further complications.

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