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Recover From

Leg, Feet & Ankle Pain

Post Injury Repair and Pain Relief for Legs, Feet & Ankles

Located in Manhattan 28th ST, NYC

How We Help

It all starts from the ground up! So if there is pain, injury, weakness, instability, decreased mobility, tightness, asymmetry or altered biomechanics in the foot, ankle and lower leg, the ripple effects can creep into the knee, hips, low back and so on.

Have you ever had plantar fascitis? Kind of feels like you have a piece of glass lodged in your foot. Ever have your running program derailed by an ankle sprain or calf strain? Not only can injuries like these cause local pain, but there is ample research that links issues in the foot, ankle and lower leg to other problems such as low back pain, hamstring strains, knee issues, ITB tightness and much more.

On Your Mark NYC's team of highly skilled massage therapists and personal trainers will work with you to prevent and recover from many of the most common foot, ankle and lower leg injuries. And we partner with Physical Therapists and other injury recovery experts to ensure that our clients receive the best treatments for their specific needs. Injuries and conditions  in the foot, ankle and leg that we treat include:

  • Calf Strains

  • Achilles Tendonitis

  • Shin Splints

  • Plantar Fascitis

  • Post-Injury Rehab

  • Nerve Entrapments

  • Excessive Pronation

  • Hamstring Strains

  • Ankle Sprains (mild to moderate)

  • Compartment Syndrome

About Our Treatments

Our treatments and training sessions are customized for each person and each injury. The foot and ankle are complicated joints and structures. There are a lot of small but important tendons, ligaments, bones, joints and nerves passing through, next to and around each other. 


Because of this complexity, it takes a careful eye, a thoughtful assessment and a responsible treatment strategy in order to get the best outcomes. While this applies to all parts of the body, the foot and ankle are often misunderstood and mistreated, therefore putting these sensitive and complex anatomical structures in jeopardy of further damage and poor outcomes. You will always be in great, responsible hands at On Your Mark NYC.

Our trainers and therapists integrate a wide range of treatment strategies and exercise intervention as part of a comprehensive plan. We connect the dots to what is going on higher in the kinetic chain - at the knee, hips, pelvis and low back - so that we understand how everything fits together. Weak Glute muscles, for example, can affect foot mechanics and walking patterns in very significant ways. So with all of this said, these are some of the assessment and treatment strategies we incorporate:

  • Postural and Movement Assessments

  • Range of Motion and Muscle Testing

  • Active Release 

  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • Myofascial Release

  • Trigger Point - manual and tool-assisted

  • Corrective Exercises

  • Balance and Functional Training

  • Activation Exercises

  • Strength Training

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