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Massage therapy is actually the third most commonly used form of alternative medicine in the United States (and for those of us who live in New York, we can use all the stress relief we can get).

Here are the fantastic benefits that massage offers:

  • One hour of massage equates to 7-8 hours of sleep in the body.

  • Office workers massaged regularly are more alert, perform better and are less stressed than those who aren't massaged

  • Massage pumps oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs, improving circulation.

  • It also promotes tissue regeneration, reducing scar tissue, enhances immunity by stimulating lymph flow, reduces spasms and cramping, relieves migraine pain, aids in metabolism stability and weight balance, and even lessens depression and anxiety!


"I have had chronic back pain for almost four years. I tried many different things to find relief and always ended up in pain again. After one session I felt relief unlike any before. Mark really listened to what was actually hurting and addressed that area. The next day I woke up and didn’t even think about my back (which is a huge deal for me). I 100% recommend On Your Mark NYC"


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