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Self-Myofascial Lesson

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Self-Myofascial Lesson

Self-Myofascial Release, also referred to commonly as self-trigger point release or self-massage or self-myofascial, has exploded in popularity over the past decade. Whether you have tried it yourself or not, surely you have seen someone else rolling around on a lacrosse ball or wincing as they lay on a foam roller.

And for good reason. Performing self-massage can relieve tight muscles, reduce pain, prevent and recover from injuries, help correct muscle imbalances and improve posture, enhance sports performance and increase body awareness. It can be a powerful tool for individuals to take their physical and orthopedic health into their own hands, when done correctly.

On Your Mark NYC now offers private and semi-private lessons in self-massage. These sessions are designed strategically to help individuals understand why, when and how to safely and effectively administer self-myofascial release. As with stretching and exercise, self-myofascial should be done in specific ways for specific reasons. Just as it can be counterproductive to stretch or strengthen certain muscles that don't need to be, the same applies to self-myofascial. And this is why we created this service.

Sessions include the following:

  • Postural and movement assessment to identify imbalances, weakness and asymmetries in order to create a customized program to help you achieve your unique needs and goals.

  • Learn how to safely and effectively release tight muscles and trigger points on your own using a variety of props and tools.

  • Instructional manual with guidelines and useful info about self-myofascial release.

  • Two different props to take home such as a trigger point ball.

  • Unlimited access to On Your Mark's video library.

Sessions are an hour long and each person will only need between 1 and 3 sessions in order to learn what they need to.


"I came for some relief of my neck and back pain that I have had for years. Krystal is amazing, she knows the anatomy and where the pain was. I feel 100% better. I would recommend her over any chiropractor or physical therapist anyday. She also gave me some techniques of things to do at home for some relief!"

-Michelle R.

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