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Couples / Partner Massage Lesson

In-Person Sessions

These sessions are tailored to your specific goals. There are generally 3 ways the sessions tend to go.

  • Both participants take turns learning specific techniques and practice on one another. It includes demonstrations by the therapist and hands-on, detailed instruction.

  • One person is the primary giver and the other is the primary recipient.

  • One person attends the session alone and practices on a model while being instructed. This type of session is tailored for people who usually want to use a massage table and who want to provide, and often surprise, his or her partner with new skills.

Since most people do not own their own massage table, we do not rely on them during the lesson. Instead, you'll learn how to massage different body parts in a variety of positions and ways that you can easily replicate at home. For example...


  • Give a great shoulder massage while your partner sits on a chair or on the floor in front of you.

  • Give a relaxing neck and scalp massage with your partner seated and laying on a bed.

  • Release trigger points that cause headaches.

  • Learn how to safely do gentle neck and low back traction.

  • Give the calves a trigger point release while you both sit on the couch.

  • Reduce chest and shoulder tightness from poor posture.


We can spend the sessions dividing the time equally so both people can learn the techniques while others prefer to focus on one person for the entire session. It makes a great gift as well!


Whatever your goals and preferences are, we will customize the session specifically for you!

What to Expect / What You Will Learn


  • The principals and practical application of massage

  • How to perform basic massage techniques in a way that is both safe for recipients and comfortable for those providing them.

  • Proper body mechanics for those giving and comfortable positioning for those receiving.

  • A variety of techniques to apply in different settings and positions such as sitting in a chair and on a couch, laying down on the floor or in a bed or using a massage table.

  • Included in the session is a handout that explains general concepts and provides guidance for when you want to try the techniques at home.

Each session is $240 and lasts 90 minutes. Packages of 3 are $650.

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