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Couples / Partner Massage Lesson

Online / Home Course

Welcome yo On Your Mark's new Hone / Online Partner Massage Course. 

This course is designed to teach you and your partner how to give and receive massages that feel great, are easy to do and that won't hurt either the provider or the recipient.

This is a unique and comprehensive program that will give you the information, tools and instruction you need to learn and improve your massage skills for your partner.

Included in this course are the following:

  • Unlimited access to over 20 professional videos demonstrating how to perform dozens of techniques.

  • An extensive and comprehensive instructional manual with photos and illustrations.

  • 10% off in-person partner massage lessons and group classes.

Since most people do not own their own massage table, we do not rely on them entirely. Instead, you'll learn how to massage different body parts in a variety of positions and ways that you can easily replicate at home. For example...


  • Give great shoulder massages while your partner sits on a chair or on the floor in front of you.

  • Give the calves a trigger point release massage while you both sit on the couch.

  • Give a great neck and scalp massage with your partner laying on a bed.

  • The principles and practical application of massage

  • How to perform basic massage techniques in a way that is both safe for recipients and comfortable for those providing them.

  • Proper body mechanics for those giving and comfortable positioning for those receiving.

  • A variety of techniques to apply in different settings and positions such as sitting in a chair and on a couch, laying down on the floor or in a bed or using a massage table.

  • Massage Table: Included in this course are plenty of instruction to use if you do have a massage table.

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