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Massage Therapy

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Sports Massage

Sports Massage is a general term referring to the combination of a wide range of massage therapy techniques, specifically designed to enhance athletic performance and fitness training. These techniques include compression, joint range of motion, active and passive stretching, compression, joint range of motion, myofascial release, Swedish and deep tissue massage, Active Release and trigger point therapy.

Sports massage is very similar to medical / clinical / therapeutic massage except that the main purpose is to help an athlete or exercise enthusiast enhance performance over the course of a season or training program and to help prepare for a specific event. The goal is usually to address specific injuries, aches and pains and to treat the muscles and joints primary to one’s sport or activity.


Sports massages can be as frequent or infrequent as each person needs for his or her particular sports performance goals.
At On Your Mark Sports Massage and Fitness, we have clients who come in for sports massages weekly or every two weeks for months at a time and then taper off during less intense training periods or offseasons. Other clients only need sports massage treatment once a month while others may need several per week if they are battling particularly stubborn and chronic sports injuries.


Whatever your specific sports and exercise needs and goals are, our team of expert massage therapists will come up with the best treatment plan to keep you on the field, bike, court, track, hiking trail and any other sport that you love.

"Mark is the best massage therapist I've been to. I am constantly pushing myself physically and straining muscles. His ability to trace where my problems stem from, and then fix them, is impressive. Other massage therapists pale in comparison. I no longer live in New York, so cannot go to OnYourMark anymore but I definitely recommend them if you're in NYC."



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