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Massage Therapy

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Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is probably what comes to mind when most people think about or hear the word massage. A set of techniques designed to treat muscles and other soft tissue in the body, Swedish is your basic Western-style massage in which the therapist uses oil or cream.
It is great for relaxation, it feels good, improves blood circulation and relieves muscle tension. Swedish massage strokes are often long, broad and fluid movements that help give a full body connection throughout a treatment.

On Your Mark’s massage therapists are here to offer the type of relaxing, supportive and invigorating treatment experience that you desire.

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"I've had pain in my neck and shoulder for 2 years and getting treated by Mark has been a GIFT. These massages are the first time that I've not only been free of pain but feel like they are working holistically toward a more permanent solution. The 30 minute sessions are part relief, part pain (in a great way) part physical therapy, part relaxation. He's such an attentive and knowledgeable provider and strikes the perfect balance between discussing what's going on with your body and then just getting down to work and fixing it. I would recommend anyone I know in chronic muscle pain to do massage therapy with OnYourMark!!"



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