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Corrective Exercises

Pretty much everyone has issues with poor glute activation, poor T-spine mobility, limited ankle dorsiflexion, short and tight hip flexors, and poor anterior core engagement. These are just part of living in a civilization that doesn't do as much as it used to. This applies to athletes and the physically fit as well.

On Your Mark fitness professionals can quickly improve, and with time, correct a client’s movement compensation, leading you to feeling better, moving better, and performing at higher levels by:

  • Activating the muscles identified as underactive or weak, strengthening the muscles and increasing endurance

  • Lengthening the muscles to reduce muscular tension and relieve muscle soreness

  • Inhibit tension in areas identified as being overactive or shortened

  • Improve total-body coordination and movement patterns

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“I have worked with OnYourMark for the past month or so for shoulder spasms/pain and hip flexor tightness. This past weekend I walked and played 18 holes with very limited shoulder and hip flexor issues. I Just booked my next appointment. Also I would like to mention how their instructions have improved the way I feel in regular day to day life. They are very helpful. Thank you!”



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