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Weight Loss

On Your Mark personal trainers have tailored weight loss workouts for even the busiest people at any level of fitness. If you ever feel that you aren't being efficient with your workouts or aren't seeing the results you want, it might be time to switch it up.


If you want to burn fat, build strength, save time and have fun, then it's time to incorporate more full-body exercises into your fitness program. You get more bang for your buck because more muscle groups are being used and thus there is less need for those time-consuming isolation exercise.

Specialists in weight loss through fitness understand the importance of both building up overall strength combined with a full body workout and can even target specific problem areas you might have. We know everyone’s anatomy and chemistry is unique, so every workout is designed specifically for you.

Fat woman

“OnYourMark has amazing trainers with a stellar fitness education! I have worked out consistently for many many years and while in good shape, never really saw the results I wanted to. In addition to ensuring I got a great workout, the trainer was very particular about my form and extremely knowledgeable when it came to putting together a program tailored exactly to my body's past injuries and current concerns. In just a few weeks, I have seen great results and friends have noticed too! I highly recommend OnYourMark!!!”


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