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Post-Injury Rehabilitation

There's no one-size-fits-all approach to injury repair and rehabilitation because there are so many different conditions, causes and contributing factors. That’s why having a personal trainer licensed and certified to handle these conditions to reduce pain without causing further stress to joints, muscles, and tendons is so important.

For these types of exercises having proper form is vital to not exasperate an already existing or past injury. On Your Mark professionals understand exactly how much muscles and joints can and should extend in order for them to function better over time.


Fitness routines are created depending on if the type of injury, whether the injury is chronic or acute and what is causing the injury, in addition to the individual’s injury history, lifestyle, and anatomy.

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“I am a life long dancer and athlete and have also had significant physical trauma. I am constantly managing chronic pain. The OnYourMark team is amazingly skilled and knowledgeable. I was so relieved to finally find a trainer who knows how to treat an athlete and create results pretty much instantaneously. I highly recommend OnYourMark. If they can relieve my chronic pain trust me they can relieve anyone's.”


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