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Pre and Postnatal Fitness: Exercise and Personal Training During and After Pregnancy

For many pregnant women, staying in shape during pregnancy can be a real challenge. Workout videos, plans, and apps are a good place to start, but most people in NYC need something more. Prenatal women, especially in areas such as the Upper West Side, have been turning to certified personal trainers, fitness classes, and pilates. Doing virtual classes has shown some benefits as well. No matter what stage of pregnancy you are, or if you just gave birth, there are several easy, cheap, and results-oriented fitness plans that will do the trick. Discover OnYourMark’s Pre/Post-Natal services.


There’s a ton of questions that expecting mothers have, like how do I stay fit and healthy during and after pregnancy? And is prenatal exercise safe for me?

Your healthcare provider can give you the right direction, but through all of the hundreds of questions you’ll have, particularly while actually exercising, it can be a difficult road without gentle and expert guidance. You need someone skilled in prenatal personal training to help you through this wonderful and difficult period.

Why staying fit is so important: Exercising during and after pregnancy is an outstanding way to enhance the health and well-being of expectant and new mothers and their babies. Exercise during pregnancy represents a relatively new and evolving paradigm within the healthcare and fitness landscapes.

Up until recently it was believed that exercising during pregnancy could put an expectant mother and her baby at higher risk for complications. But new research continues to challenge and refute these claims. As the research increasingly demonstrates, prenatal exercise can have the following benefits:

  • Control excessive weight gain

  • Increased strength

  • Improved balance

  • Enhanced sleep

  • Reduces the risk of miscarriage

  • Reduces the need for cesarean section

  • Lowers the risk of preterm birth

  • Prevents and manages preeclampsia

  • Reduce the risk of and manage Gestational Diabetes

  • Increases strength, especially for new mothers who have to lift and carry their baby, baby carriages and everything else.

In addition to these specific pregnancy-related benefits, women who exercise during pregnancy and after can enjoy the many other benefits that exercise offers such as:

  • Stress relief

  • Improved mental health and lowered risk of depression and anxiety

  • Enhanced cognitive function and ability to focus

  • Injury prevention for old and new injuries

  • Increased overall strength, balance and coordination

  • Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks

  • Enjoyment and fun

  • Improved social life by exercising with others

Whether a mother-to-be is new to exercise or an experienced fitness enthusiast, working out regularly while pregnant is both safe and effective. But the exercise program should be carefully designed, creatively modified as the body changes throughout the pregnancy and always done in consultation with one’s Physician.

How to find a qualified professional:It’s time to treat pregnancy not as an obstacle to physical

exercise but as an opportunity for you to empower yourself. Training the body during pregnancy has been shown to enhance recovery and well-being after birth. Here’s what to look for when seeking a fantastic personal trainer who can meet your individual needs.

Experience: The theory can be sound but only someone experience in prenatal and postnatal exercise programs will be equipped to individualize a fitness program and routine to you. Pregnant women and those who have recently given birth especially need a flexible and customizable approach as your body will experience changes unique to you.It’s best to find a trainer who has worked with women in a multitude of situations, both prenatal and postnatal, and who has experience working with all three trimesters. This way you know they’ll be prepared to help and guide you through the entire process.

Qualification: Trainers must be licensed and certified to provide fitness guidance. While they should always be working in conjunction with your healthcare provider, they should have training or education regarding your physiological changes themselves as well.

Reviews: Not all trainers are equal. Find someone who’ll be a great fit for you and don’t settle for just anyone. In New York City especially there are so many qualified fitness professionals so find the one you’ll click with. Reviews are a great way to help you measure up the personality of the trainer you’ll be potentially working with, so make sure there are many you can readily find. The easiest way to find someone matching all of these criteria is through sites like that matches you with the best, and most qualified trainers in New York City based on your preferences and needs.

If you live in NYC and want more info about prenatal personal training and massage at On Your Mark. click here or call us at 212-729-3970

Exercise is a safe and empowering way for pregnant women and new mothers to improve many aspects of their health, from the physical to the emotional to the psychological. Exercise should be a central priority during and after pregnancy. The risks are very low and the benefits are vast and powerful.



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