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7 Great Exercises For 2020 to Get in Shape [NYC Video Guide]

Updated: Feb 6

Mark Greenfield is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Personal Trainer and Active Release Techniques practitioner based in New York City with over 16 years of experience. He works with a wide variety of clients in his Midtown Manhattan office to help individuals prevent and recover from many types of orthopedic and sports injuries.

It's a new year and Spring will be here before you know it, although the cold weather may not make you believe so. Nonetheless, with a new year often comes new year's resolutions. Is that you? And if so, is yours related to fitness? Well then you're not alone.

Even so, it's New York City. You're busy, you're stressed, you're pressed for time. So no matter how motivated and well-intentioned a person is, the bottom line is that we all need a little help getting on track and staying consistent throughout the dark and cold days of winter.

To help you do that, you might consider finding a personal trainer. Whether you do use a personal trainer or not, here are 7 great exercises to try in 2019 to help get you in great shape! They are challenging yet simple and tough but fun, especially once you get the hang of them. Give them a shot and if you have any questions, be sure to ask for help by contacting us or by using our personal trainer finder to help you get going.

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These exercises can help you get stronger, burn fat, save time and have fun. The are full-body integration exercises that you can easily integrate into your exercise program.

Squat Row : Chances are you may have seen this before or already tried it yourself. It is a great full-body exercise that combines the traditional squat with a standing row. It works on many levels in that it targets both the upper and lower body and torso equally. When performed right it is a very effective exercise at getting the , abdominals and many postural mid and upper back muscles to work synergistically. It will save you time if you're in a rush while enabling you to accomplish a lot.

Renegade Row: This is one of the best full-body and core exercises. When done correctly, the deep abdominal, scapular and spine stabilizer muscles work in tandem to create stability throughout the entire body from head to fingers to toes. The more still your body can be, meaning the less movement of the pelvis and over-arching of the low back means that the spine stability muscles known as the TVA, and Internal Obliques are doing their job of creating stability in the torso, spine and pelvis.  This is a very functional exercise that involves many of the muscles we need for activities of daily living as well as many sports. 

Burpees: This is an awesome exercise that you have probably seen and may have already tried! There are plenty of variations that allow the exercise to emphasize different muscle groups and body systems.  Burpees seriously elevates your heart rate making it a great way to improve your cardiovascular fitness while increasing strength, power, coordination and speed. It's a great way to work your lower body, upper body and core muscles all at once. It's simultaneously a fun and torturous exercise  that will help get you in great shape, no matter what your goals are.

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Battle Ropes: Over the past 5 years, these battle rope exercises have exploded in popularity in both fitness classes, individual workouts and personal training sessions. With so many variations,, and some risks, rope exercises offer you an array of ways to help you improve strength, power, speed, coordination and cardiovascular fitness. Ropes can help you prepare for many sports such as basketball, hiking, running, swimming, power weight lifting and much more. Proceed with some caution, especially if you have had shoulder and back injuries. But above anything else, enjoy! You'll both love them and hate them at the same time!

Dumbbell Row (One-Arm): This is a safe and simple exercise that gets all of the primary postural muscles firing, activates the glutes, engages the deep intrinsic core muscles, enhances shoulder stability in the opposite arm and targets the same muscles that any rowing motion does - the lats, biceps, rhomboids and middle traps.  It's also an intermediate level exercise for improving hip and torso alignment and stability. It will challenge your entire body tow work together to maintain alignment and good form.

Lunges With Bicep Curls and/or Shoulder Press: This exercise gets the entire body working together to create stability, strength and power. It specifically targets the entire lower body, especially the quads and glutes as well as all of the main shoulder and arm muscles depending on the variations and intensities that you do.  These variations do require a moderate to advanced level of fitness given how dynamic they are. This is where a private 1-1 personal trainer could be valuable to you.

Ab-Rollouts: This fun and very challenging exercise has been around for a while. The wheels are relative;y common in most gyms and fitness studios, used in many group fitness classes and often done in personal training sessions. Please not that if you've had any shoulder or low back injuries to take it slow and stop if anything hurts. When done properly this exercise will help you take your entire level of fitness to new heights. Have fun!

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